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my sales policy

These conditions govern all sales on the website Any order validated by a buyer on this site implies acceptance by the said buyer of the following conditions of sale, which exclude all other conditions – for example those governing sales in the shop itself.

Article 1. Identification of offer
The sales contract is established between Ralf Dick, owner of the website, and the customer wishing to make a purchase on this site. In conformity with current legislation relating to consumer protection and to long-distance sales, the following information is communicated :
Offer concerns any on line purchase from the website It is valid for the life of the site until stocks are exhausted; it is valid for any purchase made on-line for delivery in USA, Canada and Australia.

Article 2. Availability
Any product described on the site is available, and our offers are made within the limit of available stock; we cannot be held responsible for unavailability. Should an article become unavailable after an order has been placed, the buyer is advised by e-mail, fax or telephone when the order is handled; the buyer may then opt for delayed delivery, or cancellation of the order, or change of order. The reorder time at the various suppliers in France is 2 - 3 weeks. You get the PayPal payment message only very short before the shipment of the complete order. There no adavance payments without all the order in stock.

Articled 3. Time-sequence for order handlings
Orders are handled as soon as possible by our staff; articles are sent within 24 hours. This time-sequence applies to working days, and does not take account of DHL problems or unavailabilities.

Article 4. Validation of order
By clicking on “send order now” you declare your commitment to the order, and to all the present sale conditions, without reserve. Your order will not be fully validated until confirmed by our customers’ service and after validation of payment. This confirmation is made by e-mail at the latest 24hours (in working days) after reception of an order, in the case of payment by PayPal. We send the PayPal message seperately to check the quantites on our stock.
We reserve the right not to accept an order, for any reason.
Data recorded on the website constitutes proof of any transaction made between Bonne-Provence and its clients. Data recorded by the payments system constitutes proof of financial transactions.

Article 5. Prices
The total shown when an order is recorded is in US$; The prices ar without you local "use tax". If the Order value of the goods is below 200$, there will be no customs handling an costs. (freight costs excluded) It will be only a information consumption entry in to states. I only put the filled in CN22 declaration on the parcel. Unitl the order value of 2000 US $ it is still an easy to handle consumption entry.

Article 6. Payment and Invoicing
Payments will be made for by PayPal.
The total to be paid (postage included) will be debited in dollars on the customer’s account when the order is accepted by our staff. This implies :
- acceptance in advance and without conditions on the part of the customer that Bonne-Provence shall proceed with the transaction.

Customers who do not wish to pay via PayPal may :
• send us a check made out in dollars and payable to 'Bonne-Provence' together with the order-form, dated and signed, to

Bergstr. 95
52372 Kreuzau - Germany

or use the SWIFT payment

or send a cheque to our adress in Germany.

The order total shall be paid in advance as a bank transfer (SWIFT payment) from your local bank to Bonn-Provence.All costs for the bank transfer (SWIFT payment) shall you as the customer pay. The cost for making a SWIFT payment depends on your choice of bank. State your name and order number at the SWIFT payment for us to identify your payment. You will receive the order number by email to your email address.

You need this information to make the SWIFT payment:


IBAN NUMBER: DE61 3957 0024 0820 3457 00

BANK NAME: Deutsche Bank

Our customers’ service will confirm by e-mail safe reception of the cheque or payment; confirmation of an order is then made after bank’s agreement to cash. Bonne-Provence reserves the right to cancel any client's order, or to require guarantee of payment if there is any risk of the payment not being honored– e.g. litigation about a previous non-payment.
Invoices are sent with the article(s) ordered to the address quoted by a customer, who must indicate on-line if the invoicing differs from the forwarding address.

Article 7. Clause relating to Reserve of Property
Articles delivered remain our property until whole payment of the order. As long as whole payment has not been made, customers commit themselves not to resell, give away or give as a guarantee any article bought on the website (“whole payment” means effectual and irrevocable settlement of accounts for articles bought on this site).

Article 8. Postage
Postage of articles is taken care of by our commercial partners DHL. We will indicate likely delivery dates depending on distance etc. However, we cannot be held responsible for delays due to carriers. Packets are sent to an address furnished by the customer. If the customer is absent when delivery is made, a note is left requesting the customer to retrieve the packet at the nearest depot. The goods cannot be shipped to post-boxes.
On reception of a packet, customers must check its state; if imperfect, this may be stated on the postage receipt, precisely; complaints must be made within 48 hours by post and e-mail, in the absence of which, the buyer is presumed to renounce any legal redress from Bonne-Provence. Postal risks are borne by the buyer; this risk bearing is transferred when articles are given to carriers.

Article 9. Customer protection
In order for our customer to make purchase in complete trust, Bonne-Provence uses PayPal as standard payment method. PayPal is a serious organisation (owned by eBay). The credt card number ist only give via secure channels to PayPal. Bot to Bonne-Provence. Also the PayPal transaction has an include insurance of 500$ per transaction. So you never give your credit-card data to any outside business. (oven not to us - Bonne-Provence)

Article 10. Retractation
Customers may, within one month from delivery date, retract their order; beyond this period, the right to retract is forfeited. Customers must return the articles in their original packing, in perfect condition, unused, fabrics of course uncut together with the delivery slip. During this period the guarantee is total; customers may if they wish return the packet without giving a reason; they may require repayment or exchange of articles within the limits of available stock. Unless the reason for return of goods is attributable to the fault of Bonne-Provence, customer must pay postage-costs. Articles must be sent to the address in article 6. When returning goods please supply all relevant details, including order – n°. Incomplete information invalidates the request. Repayment is made via PayPal within 30 days of receipt in perfect state by us.

Article 11. Confidentiality of personal details
Personal details which you send us are only used by our staff to handle your order, and possibly to make suggestions about products. E-mail addresses are never recorded with a view to being sold, passed on or exchanged.
In conformity with computer laws and liberties you have right of access, rectification and opposition to personal details about yourself. To exercise this right, request it on-line or by post, quoting your name, first name and address.

Article 12. Limits of responsibility, Applicable Law and Litigation
Photographic representations of products are not contractual. Errors that occur shall not engage the responsibility of Bonne-Provence. Slight variations in color may occur due to photographic treatment ; color indications are only approximate. Contracts come under German law, specifically that concerning sales at a distance. We are at your service for the best settlement of any problems. In the case of litigation about interpretation or execution of contracts, the sole competent arbiter is the court of Aachen, Germany.
Bonne-Provence follows German law; we cannot be held responsible for the non-observance of legislative/statutory arrangements in country of delivery. Bonne-Provence declines all responsibility for non-execution which originates in Acts of God beyond its control.

If you are in doubt about the color and the quality of the fabrics, order some free samples via our" contact" page.

Article 13. Modification of Conditions of Sale
Bonne-Provence reserves the right to change these conditions; such changes are brought to the attention of customers by on-line updating.

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