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Actual weather in the Provence

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Provence fabric Bandol ocre rayure
Bandol ocre (OCKER2)
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You love colorful fabrics ? *** 300 original provencale printed cotton fabrics *** 80 new fabrics in the last 12 months *** over 3000 eBay feedbacks / 100% positive *** only the best fabrics from all the small producers in France *** every month, more than 8 new actual designs *** best price, great service, superb quality *** US and worldwide customers: ask for free samples *** great actual and original provence fabrics from France *** You will never find this collection anywhere else *** Happy fabrics, happy colors, happy decorated rooms, ... *** over 8000 yards original cotton provence fabrics in stock *** 98% immediate shipments direct from local stock *** the biggest collection of original provence fabrics you've ever seen ***

I sell wonderful, high quality, cotton provence fabrics and provence tableclothes. I am located in Germany. At eBay-Germany I have over 3000 feedbacks. 100% positive. (click on eBay feedback above) Now I provide you with the opportunity to buy the actual french country fabrics in the United States, Canada and Australia. Already many overseas customers are buying regular. 300 different colorful cotton fabrics are all made in France. All fabrics are in stock. When you order via PayPal you get a manual PayPal email from us a few minutes later, when the total ordered quantity is in stock. (in 98% of the orders the ordered quantity is in stock)


The wonderful colors of the Provence inspired van Gogh and Cézanne:

Impressions of the Provence

"This great sun, which creates such a marvelous light."

Paul Cézanne

(Aix-en-Provence) 1839 - 1906

the blue of the lavande fields

the yellow of the sunflowers

the ocher of the ocer-rocks

new fabrics Febr. 2015

BEIGE106 Roses rose-ecru-allover
Roses rose-ecru allover (BEIGE106)


BUNT24 Roses bleu-rose Jacquard allover
Roses rose-ecru allover JACQUARD (BUNT24)
BUNT23 Paisley ecru-violett allover
Paisley ecru-violett allover (BUNT23)
GELBWEISS6B Sanary jaune stripes COATED
Sanary jaune stripes COATED (GELBWEISS6B)
GELBBLAU18B Sanary bleu stripes COATED
Sanary bleu stripes COATED (GELBBLAU18B)
ROSA18B Sanary framboise stripes COATED
Sanary framboise stripes COATED (ROSA18B)
WEISS29280 Fleurs et fruits blanc allover 110 inches wide
Fleur et fruits blanc allover 110 inches (WEISS29280)
WEISS28280 Oiseaux et plants blanc allover 110 inches
Oiseaux et plants blanc allover 110 inches (WEISS28280)

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